What is Wire EDM Cutting?

Wire EDM Cutting is our specialty, it’s in our name! But what exactly is Wire EDM Cutting anyway? And what does EDM stand for? Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process that uses electric sparks to create a metal shape. The desired shape is cut from the metal when current discharges, or sparks, occur between two electrodes. Cuts are made into the metal where the sparking occurs, creating the desired shape and detaching it from the metal sheet.

4-axis Machining

Some shops offer Wire EDM, we go one step further by offering 4-axis machining. This gives much greater flexibility in the parts you require. Since your project is completed entirely at our facility, you save lots of time, trouble and money.  Don't shop around for these various services, get them all in one place at the Wire Shop!

6 Wire EDM Machines

With our 6 Wire EDM machines, we offer you both submerged and unsubmerged Wire EDM cutting. We have the capability to cut parts that are up to 15 3/4 inches thick. And with our hole popper, we can put as small as a .020 start hole through your piece. We can cut your piece with .004 to .012 diameter wire, whatever your particular application requires. Add in the vast array of fixturing options available, and the possibilities are almost endless.