Waterjet Cutting Services

The Wire Shop is also able to offer you waterjet cutting service. With our waterjet, we can cut materials for you that are up to 6 inches thick. We have experience in a wide variety of materials, ranging from the usual steel, aluminum, and rubber, to the more exotic quartz, glass, and marble. We also have the capability of etching and scribing part numbers and logos into your parts.


With the waterjet cutting process, you do not see the hardening around the edges that other processes may leave. With the small kerf width, there is not as much material loss as in other processes either. Depending on your application, the waterjet is a fast alternative to Wire EDM. The Wire Shop is able to offer both of these applications to you!

Complete Process

From prototype to production, waterjet cutting is a viable alternative to the expense of you having a die made to produce the number of parts that you require, whatever the quantity may be.